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Who We Are


We seek to be a faith community that intentionally identifies with the Lord in every way that we can. Like the sign out front says: "Church of Christ."

Our hope is that we can live up to this calling and that to attend services here is to be able to expect an encounter with the Spirit of Jesus Christ.

"It is enough for the disciple that he become like his teacher." (MAT 10:25)

Our aim is that St Paul's prayer might be answered in the worship, fellowship and ministry plans and practices of this church family.

He earnestly prayed for disciples of Jesus to have faith and press on

"until Christ is formed in you."

(GAL 4:19)

Who are we?

Maybe the best answer is believers trying to be reflections of Jesus Christ.

(2 COR 3:18; 1 JOH 4:17)



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