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The Llano Church of Christ is involved in saving souls and helping the lost, not only in Llano, but all over the world!  We partner with World Bible School to help people from places like Kenya, Malawi, Nigeria and America, understand the Bible​.  We send them free Bible-based lessons that teach the fundamentals of god, His grace and love, Jesus, the gospel message, the church, and Christian living.  Those involved, become "study helpers" who review these lessons, give feedback to the students, and help them find scriptures to answer their personal questions, and are able to pray for, and with them, along the way!

The Bible offers hope, joy, love, and life.  Knowing Jesus provides things that are more valuable than what you can see, hear, touch or buy.

  • Do you have hope that this life has purpose, is worthwhile?
  • Do you want joy that transcends ever-changing daily circumstances?
  • Do you know true love that's unconditional and unlimited?
  • And do you want a great life-life that's "abundant" and full?

Thankfully, Jesus promises these things-right there in the Bible.  Receive the blessings of the Bible for yourself.  Become a WBS student!

There are study options for everyone!  Find one that fits your schedule today!

Are you a busy person who is always on the go?  Do you prefer the speed and freedom of doing things online?  If so, then we have an internet based study option for you!  This gives you the freedom to study anytime, and anywhere, at your own pace!  Click the link above to get started!

There are two internet based study programs!

  • text-based lessons that are exchanged by email
  • online, Web-based lessons.

Don't have access to the internet?  Do you prefer studying out of books instead of online?  If so, then we have a study program for you!  Click the link above to get started!

We will mail you booklets of the lessons!

  • Send us a message with your name and address letting us know that you would like to start the WBS study.
  • We will send you the introductory lesson to get you started!