• Troy H. Singleton

The God-News is Good News!

Updated: Feb 2, 2019

The one who ultimately came to be called "Christ" was first just "Jesus". He was known to the Nazarene locals as "the carpenter" (MARK 6:3). His conception may have begun as a miracle, but his birth and life story came to pass in an utterly human context that was unexceptional and quite ordinary. But there was purpose in his spectacular normality!

The reason was to achieve a common identity between perfect Deity and imperfect humanity (HEBREWS 2:9-18). In this mystery called "Incarnation" our Lord is shown to be both the divine Son of God and the human Son of Man (MARK 14:61-62). Jesus wasn't half God and half human--He was wholly both! This is "the gospel," a word which can also be translated "good news" (ibid. 1:1). This God-News about the reality of "God-with-us"* in the person of Jesus is the good news we use to witness to the whole world (16:15-16). Repeat: the God-news is the good news that through Jesus Christ God is with us and for us! Believe that. Trust and obey.

Now go out there and put in a good word for Jesus!

*MATTHEW 1:21-23

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