About us

Surrounded by the beautiful Texas Hill Country, Llano is rooted geographically and traditionally "Deep in the Heart of Texas". Llanoites enjoy a great quality of life here together in small town-Texas located as we are about 70 miles northwest of Austin. With a population approaching 3400 people, this is a wonderful community where folks understand the importance of relationships. To visit Llano is to experience the warmth and genuineness of a true Texas welcome.

At the Church of Christ on Main Street just west of Courthouse Square we are also deeply "rooted and grounded in love" (EPHESIANS 3:17). It is our goal as a Church Family that the goodness of the Lord should always be prevalent in our fellowship, especially towards our guests. The Llano Church of Christ is a congregation of approximately 100 members. We have an intentional spirit of unity in diversity when it comes to blending traditional practices with new ideas in our worship gatherings and ministry activities. This church seeks to be generous in our loving, accepting, serving, and giving. As followers of Jesus Christ we pursue a passion for God and compassion for all people because the most important commandments to Him are also the most important ones to us (MARK 12:28-34).

Reaching out to those who have lost their way and to those who are in need is a top priority for us. We choose to be actively involved in local community service as well as supportive of world mission efforts. A priority focus for us is helping Christian organizations that care for foster children. We take very seriously the Son of God's teaching to "Go into all the world" (MATTHEW 28:19) realizing that the home front is also part of this mission field. We try hard to think globally and act locally. We are deeply committed to continuing the legacy of the first disciples in early Christianity which we read about in the New Testament writings. This regular congregational slogan sums up our intentions: "To know Christ and to make Christ known."


Whether you are a resident of the Texas Hill Country or might be one of numerous visitors headed our way, we'd love to meet you! We would be honored to have you as our guest and even more pleased to become friends. God's richest blessings be yours through Christ Jesus our Lord.